Financial Transparency

Announcing Timmy Global Health’s 2017-18 Annual Report:
A year of great progress for the organization and the people we serve locally and abroad!

Dear Timmy Global Health Supporters,

Over the past year, the Timmy team served 16,463 patients through medical service trips, providing critical health service and medicines to people in need. Our 850 volunteers grew and learned through their time spent in Timmy communities and from the chance to work alongside talented and dedicated local healthcare providers.

Plus, hundreds of students across the U.S. engaged in global health advocacy, paired with local service, working together for a world in which all people have access to healthcare, no matter where they are born.

Every day at Timmy, we see how the social determinants of health play out in our patients’ lives: education, infrastructure, and economic well being all have direct impacts on community health.

To complement our primary care outreach, we work with expert partners who invest in education, nutrition and safe water in the communities we serve. Together, our combined efforts build the path to healthier environments and healthier futures.

In its quest to ensure that all people have access to healthcare, Timmy is focusing heavily on the sustainability of its work. Each day we ask ourselves how our work delivering primary care today can lay the groundwork so that our patients can one day get healthcare through their own community health systems.

We will achieve this aim by continuing to invest in and partner with local doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical students, and community health promoters. Timmy will serve as a bridge to long-term healthcare access in the communities we serve, and partner with in-country leaders to help deliver the promise of healthy futures worldwide.

Thank you for supporting Timmy Global Health and making this important work possible.

For Health,

Kristina Graff, Executive Director

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The  IU Virtu Project

As part of Timmy’s mission of empowering students, the organization is thrilled to support this unique opportunity to work with the Virtu Project at Indiana University, a business course focused on mock investing and the stock market.  The Virtu Project creates a unique opportunity for students to engage in a three-year course focused on hands-on learning, particularly in the areas of ethical investing, networking, teamwork, and creative problem-solving. The project generates funds for Timmy through a combination of donor pledges and mock investing in the stock market, and over the past five years has raised over $45,000 for the organization. Learn more about the project and how you can get involved on the  IU Virtu Project  page.