Timmy’s Scholarship Initiatives

Timmy’s Scholarship Initiatives
December 13, 2013 Callie Daniels-Howell

by Charla Cain

Charla helps guide Timmy’s organizational learning priorities, including data management, data processing, and overall evaluation and monitoring at the institutional level, program level, and project level. She also oversees Timmy’s Scholarship Initiatives. This blog highlights programming updates from the first year of Timmy Scholarship disbursements and shares the stories of the amazing students after whom these Scholarship Initiatives are named.

With the season for giving thanks upon us, we reflect on the many opportunities we have been given here at Timmy to provide our students unique opportunities to witness and address global health disparities. With the first round of our 2013-2014 Timmy Hank Benjamin Memorial Scholarship applications currently under selection committee review, it is a great opportunity to recap the impact of its 2012-2013 HBMS inaugural year as well as our new high school scholarship, the Kristen Clarke Memorial Scholarship.

As Timmy has worked tirelessly over the past 15 years to expand access to healthcare while inspiring the next generation of medical professionals and leaders to tackle today’s most pressing global health challenges, we felt putting dollars behind this vision in a unique way would really help these future health care leaders experience first-hand how they can make a difference.

For our high school students, The Kristin Clarke Memorial Scholarship provided $300 for one Timmy high school student to attend the 2013 Timmy High School trip to Guatemala and participate in the Safe Stoves Project. This scholarship, offered by Kathy (Kristin’s Mom) and Darrell Wheeler, is given as a memorial to honor Kristin’s life. Kristin died just before her 14th birthday due to complications of diabetes in 1997 and never had the opportunity to go on a Timmy trip. This year, another generous scholarship of $200 will be granted to one high school student for participation on the 2014 high school trip to the Dominican Republic—we’re very thankful to be able to offer this to our youngest global health leaders.

For our college students and older, and through the generous support of the Benjamin family and in honor of their son and brother, Hank, the Hank Benjamin Memorial Scholarship provides aspiring medical, healthcare, public health and other futures leaders with the opportunity to utilize their energy and compassion to make tangible contributions to global health and the movement for health equity.

The following dollar amounts were awarded during the three cycles of the inaugural 2012-2013 year:

Student Travel Support Fund Scholarship—10 recipients totaling $4,950. Scholarship amounts were awarded at $1,000, $750, $500, $350, and $300 levels. Recipients were students from the University of South Florida, University of Michigan, Notre Dame, University of Colorado, Butler University, Tufts University, and Indiana University. Awards were given to students traveling to each of our sites in Quito and Tena in Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala. Four additional recipients received a total of $1500 to attend the inaugural Timmy SANNA surgical team trip to San Salvador.

High Impact Scholarship—1 recipient totaling $1,250. The award winner conducted a project in Tena, Ecuador that analyzed and improved Timmy’s patient referral process and implemented Timmy’s new Electronic Medical Records system, TimmyCare.

Social Entrepreneur Scholarship—1 recipient totaling $3,500. The recipient is conducting a project entitled “Reproductive Health and Family Planning Program for Women” in Tena, Ecuador

Because of the generosity of the Benjamin family and our Chase Giving Award dedicated dollars we are increasing our award impact for the current 2013-2014 year. Awards will be increased as follows: STSF – 15 awards per year, up to $9,000 total dollars awarded; HI – Four awards per year, up to $8,000 total dollars awarded, and SE – Four awards per year, up to $8,000 total dollars awarded.

In giving thanks from headquarters here in the Heartland and from our international sites abroad, thank you to our generous donors and to our amazing students who have the courage and drive to make a difference.


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