Timmy students really are building healthy futures

Timmy students really are building healthy futures
October 24, 2011 Callie Daniels-Howell

Timmy students really are building healthy futures

By: Kathy Morris, Programs Coordinator

Timmy is growing, our international impact is expanding, and our number of student chapters is increasing. Even more impressive than all this growth, however, is the deepening of impact that is taking place across university campuses here in the US and at our project sites in the developing world. And it’s not just our staff championing these efforts. While Timmy staff members initiate programs geared towards malnutrition, training community health workers, and expanding to new locations, our students by no means stand idly at the sidelines. Instead, they are initiating their own unique efforts geared toward deepening their impact in the international communities we serve.

One of Timmy’s newest college chapters, the University of Southern Florida, is a key example of a dedicated chapter full of students who aren’t satisfied to fulfill the minimum requirements. They wanted to know from the start that their brand new Timmy chapter was making a significant impact. They wanted to go deeper.

Dental Hygiene Booklet Cover

So, in the midst of jumping through university hoops for recognition as an official student organization and working to generate enthusiasm and interest on their campus, the USF students took their new chapter one step further. After hearing concerns expressed by staff in Ecuador about dental hygiene in Quito, the USF chapter drafted an illustrated booklet in Spanish to demonstrate good dental hygiene to the young patients they will see on their March brigade – their first Timmy pilot brigade with Purdue University.

While this may seem like a tiny step, these booklets are an incredible illustration of the fact that Timmy’s student chapters are truly tackling today’s most pressing global health challenges.Whether tackling clean water access or dental hygiene education– these students think critically about the communities they serve. They are compassionate problem solvers and culturally-sensitive dreamers. We are indescribably proud of our “Timmies” and we’re grateful for their dedicated, thoughtful and passionate approach to building healthy futures.


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