Timmy Chapter Spotlight: University of South Carolina

Timmy Chapter Spotlight: University of South Carolina
November 21, 2016 Callie Daniels-Howell

Each week we highlight one of our 48 college and high school chapters. These chapters do an amazing job throughout the year executing the three pillars of a Timmy chapter: Advocate, Serve, Fundraise. This week we are spotlighting University of South Carolina.

Give us an update–what are some recent events you have done, or goals you have achieved?

Recent events have included going to Transitions Homeless Shelter to help out during their breakfast meal times. We have also been going to the Ronald McDonald House, and having events like a Timmy Movie Night. At the Ronald McDonald House, Timmy members cooked a meal for the residents staying there. Our Timmy Movie Night consisted of Timmy members coming together to play some board games, eat s’mores, and watch a movie (10 Things I Hate About You) together.

What events or goals are you gearing up for in the near future? What are your plans to make these happen successfully?

In the future, we are planning on having a Global Health Week and more percent nights at local restaurants. We already have our Global Health Week coming together because we have a member who is solely in charge of crafting the event. We have picked out the theme, water, and have reached out to potential speakers for our symposium. Our percent nights have also been lined up by our Fundraising director. Another potential Spring event is a small music festival fundraiser co-hosted by Timmy and another global-health organization at USC, GlobeMed. Our Advocacy director has been working with GlobeMed to see how feasible this is.

Is your chapter heading out on a trip soon? How is that part of your chapter preparing, and how is the rest of your chapter supporting the trip?

Our chapter is heading out on a trip in January! We are planning on having a large retreat for all the trip participants in December. The other members are supporting the trip by volunteering to help out with supply drives and medical professional recruitment. We have been having some activities that focus on learning more about Ecuadorian culture, and all of our members have participated in learning more about this. Also, events like our packing party are open to all members if they would like to help out.


What are you most excited for during your year with Timmy?

We are most excited about continuing to spread the mission of Timmy by focusing more on the “why” of Timmy as opposed to the “what.” We have taken this approach in our meetings by talking about things like  volun-tourism. Our goals are for every Timmy member to understand their role in the global health sphere, and for us to spread the importance of global health to our local community.