Timmy Chapter Spotlight: University of Michigan

Timmy Chapter Spotlight: University of Michigan
October 24, 2016 Anna Butterbaugh

Each week, we will be spotlighting one of our 48 chapters across the country. The students on these campuses work very hard to accomplish the pillars of a Timmy Chapter: Serve, Advocate, Fundraise. This week we are featuring the University of Michigan.


What are some recent events you have done, or goals you have achieved?

At the University of Michigan, there are over 1,000 student organizations, with many that are similar to our chapter of Timmy Global Health. We came into the school year with low numbers, trying to figure out what aspects of our organization made us different and unique, amongst the sea of other clubs who are global health orientated and also travel to the Dominican Republic. We focused on promoting our sustainability – how important is was to us to avoid having a savior complex, and to be part of a program that truly worked with the communities. We also focused on what we thought were crucial to an organization’s success: collaboration, delegation, and communication. When we placed emphasis on these aspects, we were able to triple the size of our membership, which continues to grow.


What events or goals are you gearing up for in the near future?  What are your plans to make these happen successfully?

For fundraising, our two main events this semester are the Glow Run 5K and the Benefit Dinner. In the past, both of raised a total of over 3,500 dollars. It was our first time holding a Benefit Dinner last year, and hope that we can slowly improve on donation tactics and advertising. We have also created a Singagram Event on Valentine’s Day, where we work with a cappella groups to send serenades to people throughout Campus. Last year was also our first trial and it was quite successful.

One of our main focus is our Flu Shot Initiative where we are working with other global health clubs and faculty of the University of Michigan for campus-wide free flu shots, regardless of whether or not the student has health care or insurance. Our advocacy team has been working extremely hard creating the support we need in order to be heard in the michigan community.

We are also creating opportunities for volunteering in our local community that allows members to be more involved throughout the semester. Some events have been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, Blanket Making, and volunteering at Creature Conservatory.

By having a more collaborate club this year, with members a part of different committees that communicate and plan together, we hope this will allow us to tackle different issues at the same time using resources from the Fundraising, Advocacy, and Service committees.


Is your chapter heading out on a trip soon? How is that part of your chapter preparing, and how is the rest of your chapter supporting the trip?

We will be going to Mao, Dominican Republic, during the week of August 20th. We are preparing for this trip by conducting vitamin drives, getting in contact with local doctors, and raising money through fundraisers. We hope to prepare for future trips by creating a grant proposal team.Our Trip committee has begun collaborating with the advocacy committee, by creating a joint effort in collecting sunglasses. The sunglasses collected between both our committee’s will be brought with us to the DR.


What kind of assistance or support do you need? This is your platform to reach out!

We would love Fundraising ideas from other chapters! We are always open to new ideas from others to integrate into our chapter.
It would be awesome if we could have someone that works specifically with Timmy’s permanent medical team in the Dominican Republic for talk. I remember that when I watched the Dominican Republic Video for Timmy I was so motivated to do the most I possibly could to help raise money for this organization. I think that if people have a connection to who and what they are fighting for, it might help build purpose for events we do.


What are you most excited for during your year with Timmy?

We already have a great group of new members who are passionate about spreading awareness of our cause. After working hard to recruit people, and spending a long time restructuring our chapter, we are excited to see how our new methods of delegation, communication, and collaboration work out and expand our chapter’s reach this year!