Timmy Chapter Spotlight: IUPUI

Timmy Chapter Spotlight: IUPUI
January 16, 2017 Callie Daniels-Howell

Each week we highlight one of our 48 college and high school chapters. These chapters do an amazing job throughout the year executing the three pillars of a Timmy chapter: Advocate, Serve, Fundraise. This week we are spotlighting IUPUI.

Give us an update–what are some recent events you have done, or goals you have achieved?


  • Participated in 3 Saturdays of Service, providing 21 volunteers who have helped to enrich our community.
  • Adequately staffed the registration desk of the IU-Student Outreach Clinic, which runs almost every Saturday.
  • Received commitments from 15 volunteers to serve with our G.O.A.L. Program in the spring semester.
  • Finalized preparations for our credit-bearing spring medical brigade to Las Canas, Dominican Republic.


  • Tabled at 13 IUPUI functions to reach out to new members and to collect money for 7 Elements through our Change 4 Change campaign.
  • Almost doubled our membership numbers from last year. We currently have 94 members in our chapter.
  • Hosted two health-related speakers at our member meetings.
  • Made 30 holiday cards for the families of Riley Children’s Hospital patients.
  • Threw our best Glow Dance (a super fun blacklight party)! We had over 90 participants, made close $300, and spread the word about Timmy’s mission.


  • Launched an online fundraising platform through Crowdrise and collected over $940.
  • Sent out letters for our holiday letter campaign. We’ve already received over $900!
  • In total so far, we have already raised over $4,300 as a chapter. In one semester, we’ve already surpassed our fundraising goal for the entire year!


What events or goals are you gearing up for in the near future? What are your plans to make these happen successfully?

In the spring semester, we’re looking forward to many things! We have a sand volleyball tournament planned for late spring, and we are also planning our annual Date Auction, which has historically been our largest fundraiser of the year. Both of these events will be great fundraising and advocacy opportunities. We have been working hard on a new service initiative called the G.O.A.L. Program, which is a 10-12 week afterschool program that Timmy volunteers will be teaching about healthy nutrition and exercise to local elementary students. Training for this program is set to begin this month. A few of our clinic managers from the IU-Student Outreach Clinic will be attending the national conference in California later this spring. Because we had great success with our Saturdays of Service (one-time volunteer opportunities around Indy) and our Change 4 Change campaign (bi-monthly tabling events), we are going to continue these programs as well.

Key to our success in these many different ventures will be teamwork and communication. We have directors assigned to each of these different areas, but fostering a strong support system and cohesion amongst our entire group will be necessary to make sure that everyone is able to do his or her job well.

Is your chapter heading out on a trip soon? How is that part of your chapter preparing, and how is the rest of your chapter supporting the trip?

We are headed to Las Canas, Dominican Republic in March. Our Trip Co-Directors have had one pre-trip meeting during which they discussed specifics with trip goers. Additionally, each of our trip participants was provided with an email template for recruiting medical professionals and multiple resources to help them reach their minimum $30 fundraising goal, in order to purchase vitamins for our trip.

This is the first year our trip is a credit-bearing opportunity for IUPUI students, so it has been necessary to have the entire chapter’s support behind this transition. Also, our chapter has been working very hard to increase our fundraising because we believe that our financial contribution to 7 Elements is extremely important. Making fundraising a priority has helped to incorporate one our most valuable service experiences, the medical brigade, throughout our advocacy events. We hope that our trip goers are inspired by their experience and plan to give them an opportunity to share about the trip during our Date Auction.

What kind of assistance or support do you need? This is your platform to reach out!

We have continued our medical professional recruitment efforts; however, we do not have all the professionals that we need for our trip yet. We would greatly appreciate any suggestions that other chapters have for getting professionals to join their trips. If you would like to share with us, please email timmy@iupui.edu.

We are also looking for ideas for social activities for our chapter. One thing that we discussed in our semester reflection was fostering a greater sense of community within the entire chapter, since we have such a large group this year.

What are you most excited for during your year with Timmy?

It’s really exciting to see how much our chapter has progressed in one semester. We have so many members that are excited about being a part of our chapter, and we have so many people that care deeply about taking a stand for global health equity. Being able to provide our members with the support that they need to pursue new ideas and initiatives has been extremely rewarding. We have seen people putting their words and their beliefs into action this past semester, and we look forward to seeing the huge impact that IUPUI Timmies will have on our campus through the remainder of the school year. Go, Team Timmy!

Anything else you would like to share with us?

This school year, we started highlighting Timmy members who are extremely involved in our chapter as “Timmy Members of the Month”. We send out interview questions and ask that they share a picture of themselves for our social media sites. It has been a great opportunity to recognize and to show our appreciation for some of our members who are going above and beyond to be extraordinary Timmy members.