Timmy Chapter Spotlight: Indiana University

Timmy Chapter Spotlight: Indiana University
October 17, 2016 Zach Bowman

Each week, we will be spotlighting one of our 48 chapters across the country. The students on these campuses work very hard to accomplish the pillars of a Timmy Chapter: Serve, Advocate, Fundraise. This week we are featuring Indiana University.

The Indiana University chapter has been one of Timmy’s longest running groups. They are constantly active within their community, on their campus, and across the world with their different programs.

” We have had a hectic start to the year for our chapter, but also a very successful one!” Said Petr Silva, IU chapter president, and former Timmy Global Health intern.

The group has experienced high numbers for their meetings, reaching the 100 attendee number for most of the year.

In terms of fundraising, the IU chapter is experiencing a lot of great success. They have been able to raise over $4,000 through various fundraisers. There most notable event, is their annual Global Dinner, where guests can sample foods from around the world, as well as learn about the Global Health needs the chapter is trying to help with.

Serving the community is something that the students at IU are always keeping in mind. They are extremely active in working with organizations around the campus.

“Selected members of our chapter have started our Hospital Volunteering Program with IU Health. Members have also been volunteering bi-weekly at a local food bank.”

The group is also planning a domestic service trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the upcoming Spring.

All of the money that is raised through the Timmy chapters goes towards each school’s partner organization, in this case, IU has been partnered with our team down in Xela, Guatemala. They will be making a trip to Xela in March of 2017.

The IU chapter is strong, but can always wants to share ideas and resources with other chapters. “We would love new fundraising or advocacy event ideas from other chapters! Many of our most successful events have resulted from the innovative thoughts of Timmy students.”

More than anything, the students at IU are excited they are reaching out to more students on their campus. “We are very  excited to have such a large base of students at our chapter who seem to be invested in Timmy’s mission and goals.”

You can follow the IU Timmy Chapter on social media. Like “Timmy Global Health at Indiana University Bloomington,” follow them on Twitter: @IUtimmy, or follow them on Instagram: @iu_timmy