Timmy Chapter Spotlight: DePauw University

Timmy Chapter Spotlight: DePauw University
May 1, 2017 Callie Daniels-Howell

Give us an update– what are some recent events you have done, or goals you have achieved?

Here at DePauw University, we just wrapped up our Timmy Week for the spring semester and also had the privilege of hosting the 2017 Indiana College Conference!

Timmy week consisted of one Timmy event each day Monday-Thursday. The events were either advocacy, public health, or fundraiser related! On “Muffin Monday” we had a table with Starbucks and muffins to educate on maternal and child health. “Timmy Talk” Tuesday we brought the CEO of our Putnam Co. Hospital in to speak to students about public health here in Greencastle, IN. Wednesday and Thursday we hosted two fundraisers including “Smooch a Pooch” where we spotlighted mental health and had pups around campus (pictured below), and our Glow Volleyball Tournament with teams competing at night with glow in the dark volleyballs and paint!

We also got to host the Indiana College Conference on Sunday April 9th, where four Indiana Timmy chapters came to our campus to foster and grow new ideas for their chapters. The day was entirely student-lead and we thank Indiana University, Indiana State University, and Purdue University for attending! (And also Ali & Elizabeth from Timmy HQ!)

What events or goals are you gearing up for in the near future? What are your plans to make these happen successfully?

In the near future we hope to host an Escape Room, an idea we borrowed from the Indiana College Conference! Since the IU chapter is within close distance, we plan to utilize and share resources for this (GREAT tip for chapters who have limited student organization budgets like us!) We plan to “test run” this fundraiser at a chapter meeting with members – this will involve everyone and also allow us to practice before we do the real thing! We also hope to bring more awareness to public health issues in our own small city of Greencastle by integrating service opportunities close to home. This will include local service at churches, shelters, and in school systems!

Is your chapter heading out on a trip soon? How is that part of your chapter preparing, and how is the rest of your chapter supporting the trip?

We are lucky enough at DePauw to have an entire week of fall break in mid-October – perfect Timmy trip time! This year we will be sending our third brigade of students to Las Canas, Dominican Republic and are looking forward to seeing how another group of students can both impact and be impacted. We work closely with staff here at DePauw to plan pre-trip meetings and prepare student leaders for the trip. We also encourage all chapter members to apply, as they have great insider knowledge of Timmy, but we also encourage non-Timmy members to apply! The chapter helps greatly with vitamin procurement leading up to October through tabling, fundraisers, and simply reaching out to friends and family!

What kind of assistance or support do you need? This is your platform to reach out!

Since the Indiana (state) Conference, we took away an extensive list of ideas for fundraisers and advocacy events that also align with our student organization budget! We implemented one, the Glow Volleyball tournament into our Timmy Week last week and it was successful! We hope to continue our new ideas the rest of the year and next. Looking ahead to our October trip, we are actively reaching out to medical professionals and have secured a few already, but can always use the help. Last year we created a specific Medical Prof. Recruitment Chair on the exec board to help with this! We know how important it is that each chapter have all the profs needed and we are actively reaching this, but can always use more help.

What are you most excited for during your year with Timmy?

I am most excited to grow as a chapter, not necessarily in numbers, but in strength. I know as a trip leader, exec board member, and president that I have my own unique Timmy story, but I want every DePauw Timmy chapter member to find theirs. I want the message and impact of Timmy to encourage other students to apply for trips, sign up for chapter meetings, and participate in our service events.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

The biggest key that has helped me during my first semester as a chapter president has been to utilize HQ! The texts I send Ali and the emails I send both Rebecca’s seem like a lot, but they have been my most powerful resource when I have an idea, question, or concern! They are here to help us.

Our Smooch a Pooch event where we spotlighted mental health by having pups around campus to de-stress and learn about Timmy!

DePauw’s exec board along with IU, ISU, Purdue, Ali and Elizabeth (HQ) at our Indiana College Conference we hosted April 9th here at DePauw!