The Timmy Takedown: How it all Started

The Timmy Takedown: How it all Started
October 19, 2016 Callie Daniels-Howell

The 16th annual Timmy Takedown is approaching on November 12th. Marie Kennedy, a long time supporter and volunteer of the Timmy Takedown shares how it all got started.

Dr. Chuck Dietzen specializes in rehabilitative medicine and was also a pro wrestler for 5 years AKA DR. DOOM, this combination makes him uniquely qualified to participate in these wrestling events safely. Dr. Chuck knows the medical condition of each child before they enter the ring and he spotlights their strength and ability. This is an in your face action packed ” LOOK what I can do!!” event!

The idea came to Dr. Chuck after meeting a young patient that followed wrestling and knew him as Dr. Doom. Dr. Chuck gave him the name Tough Todd and he was so excited to meet DR. DOOM that he couldn’t stop laughing. Dr. Chuck unhooked Todd from his wheelchair, picked up the little boy and put him in a reverse headlock and did a vertical suplex onto the therapy mats, (very carefully). Todd’s parents were shocked but saw that he was uninjured and how much Tough Todd loved it! Because of Todd’s reaction, Dr. Chuck decided to have wrestling clinics. He asked his long time friend and fireman Brian Burhenn AKA CARGO to be his partner and provide more excitement and safety for the kids.

Dr. Chuck invited Jimmy Kennedy to a Pro wrestling event to participate after the pros wrestled. DR DOOM and CARGO invited the kids into the ring to get slammed and fight back! Jimmy’s parents were so inspired by it that they volunteered to make it more of a show. Marie planned, with her husband Chooch Kennedy providing the Music, and MC for the walk out introductions, stats and achievements. Jimmy Kennedy planned and organized with his parents, often opening the show and bring the MC. The kids have wrestling names, costumes and go all out. It was the biggest show yet with 14 wrestlers ranging in age form 5 to 19 with various disabilities, such as, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and amputee. Jimmy Kennedy continues to be very proud to promote and talk about Timmy Global Health and the wrestling at his speaking gigs.

16 years later the annual event is still very special to the kids, families, Dr. Chuck and everyone involved. These events allow the kids to be to IN the show and raise funds to help other children in some of the poorest countries in the world. The event is organized by Timmy Global Health and donations help their local and international charity work. Author My Perfect Son has Cerebral Palsy.

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