The Story of Foni.

The Story of Foni.
November 15, 2016 Callie Daniels-Howell

Foni is a loving mother, wife, and friend. Her and her family are immigrants from Haiti, and face many obstacles in the Dominican Republic, including finding quality access to healthcare.

When Foni was pregnant with her second child, she started feeling pain in her chest. Over time the pain began to worsen. She couldn’t work, and worse she couldn’t care for her daughter. The pain got so bad that she could barely get out of bed. It was time for Foni to find an answer, that is when she visited a Timmy clinic.

She met one of our Medical Programs Coordinators at our clinic. The doctors’ did some tests, and found a large mass in her abdomen. Through our referral system we were able to get her to a specialist. The surgeon’s then removed a 16 pound tumor from her abdomen, and she was able to deliver her baby safely.

The story, unfortunately, does not end there. The tumor came back, and Foni started experiencing the same abdomen pain she experienced before. With the help of one of our local medical professionals, Timmy was able to get her seen by a specialist, and again the tumor was removed! Foni is now resting comfortably with her husband and two boys.

The story of Foni is just one in the long line of patient referral stories that are shared with us. We take pride in the investment of people. We love to see the patient from the moment they set foot in a clinic, to the moment they are healed.

In Latin America, 30% of people do not receive access to healthcare because of economic reasons, another 20% do not get access because of geographic reasons. At Timmy, our referral system allows us to transport the patient, at no cost, to a medical professional that we have a relationship with. We remove all barriers to healthcare.

Your gift during the 2016 Building Healthy Futures Campaign, will allow us to strengthen our referral system, build more relationships with medical professionals, and see that people like Foni get the care that they deserve.

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