Michelle Jiménez

Michelle Jiménez

Medical Programs Coordinator- Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador

Michelle’s life changed when her mother decided to move from Colombia to Ecuador in search for a better future, and after a period of adjustment they are now proud to call themselves Ecuadorian citizens for the past ten years.

As an adolescent she realized the impact that an image can have and felt interested in discovering the different layers of depth that each story has, which led her to obtain her degree in film-making. Her experience as a producer and as an assistant director for several short films in Quito led her to be part of the international Ecuadorian documentary film festival in 2015. She was selected that same year to participate in the talent lab program for the Reykjavik International Film Festival in Iceland. She has also worked as event planner in the private sector and on various government projects such as the First Global Meeting on Disabilities 2014 and the International Congress of Vascular Surgery 2015.

Her desire to participate in bigger challenges, to be involved in activities that would bring her closer to the community, and to contribute to the world around her was what led her to volunteer for the Timmy brigades, where she met a committed and altruistic group of people.

She is currently getting her second degree in television and media studies. In her free time she enjoys camping, hiking, watch reruns of Friends and having conversations about who should be in the Iron Throne.