Maitane Zarate Herrero

Maitane Zarate Herrero

Medical Programs Coordinator - Xela, Guatemala

Mai is delighted to be joining the Timmy Global Health team as the Medical Programs Coordinator in Xela, Guatemala. Her degree in Translation and Interpreting enabled her to live amazing experiences and absorb the culture of a few European countries early in her career. This also allowed her to  become increasingly involved in projects focused on sustainability, equality, food sovereignty and environmental protection, eventually leading her to a master’s in Development Aid. Through this degree, she landed in Guatemala to complete her internship at a local NGO focused on empowering rural indigenous communities by giving women skill development opportunities  to become the agents of change in their own communities.

Mai learned about Timmy and 32 Volcanes (TGH’s local partner in Xela), in quite an unusual way: hiking up the Santa Maria Volcano (12,375 ft!!). She was keen to know more about their joint programs focused on tackling health related issues and she was determined to get involved. She became a volunteer first at the Nutrition Program and then worked as a translator on a few Timmy Medical  Service Trips. Engaging in this work grew her interest in public health and made her fall in love with Guatemala, its people and its culture. She quickly knew she would stay.

Mai loves to keep herself busy  when she isn’t working: she loves being outdoors, enrolling in courses to learn about new things, and chatting to everyone. She has a great sense of humor (so she says) and she won’t miss a chance to banter!

Joining Timmy  will allow Mai to acquire more knowledge about the reality of daily life in Guatemala  and she’s excited to continue raising awareness of the structural and systemic inequalities that hinder the development of groups of people and communities considered vulnerable. She’s committed to working hard to contribute to the reduction of inequalities, malnutrition, and their effects on global health.