Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson

Non-Profit Management and International Programming Fellow

Indianapolis, IN

Shipped in straight from the Chesapeake in eastern Maryland, Katherine is Timmy’s Non-Profit Management and International Programming Fellow. Katherine earned her bachelor’s degree in Geography with a focus on Gender and Global Health from the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

Her interest in global health was cultivated by her international high school when she was 15. She developed a passion for women’s health issues in particular. While at university Katherine specialized in qualitative research, undertaking her own dissertation work in Zambia studying ‘sisterhood’ behaviors and social resource-sharing in the sexual health of women. Her studies have spanned from poverty and development, HIV in sub-Saharan Africa, cellular and epidemiological biology, and gender and identity processes. While across the pond, seeking an activity with a familiar taste of home, she also shot competitively for Scotland on her university Rifle Team.

Prior to her work here Katherine worked for a small surgical practice in Maryland as an administrator and surgical nursing assistant where she used an online EMR system very similar to our TimmyCare. She loves patient care and has grown up on the sidelines of medicine for most of her life. Her father, also a surgeon, had Katherine tagging along to surgeries and house-calls with patients since she was very young.

Katherine is brand new to Indiana and is keen to explore it more with her cat, Puff. Now stateside she plans to catch up on all the warm weather and Mexican food she’s missed in the past four years.