Emely Sanchez Baez

Emely Sanchez Baez

Non Profit Management and Global Health Fellow

Indianapolis, IN

Emely grew up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where the ocean, the food, and the people are as vivid as can be. Through a scholarship program, she moved to the US to study business and public administration in healthcare. She graduated with her master’s degree in June 2019 from Western Michigan University and completed her thesis on the perceived barriers to school-based sexuality education in the Dominican Republic. During her graduate studies, she was very involved with the office for sustainability and the university’s health center. As a peer educator with the university’s health center, she helped students become more comfortable and knowledgeable in their ability to build healthy relationships and fight sexual assault. Moreover, as an intern with the office for sustainability, she learned to take responsibility for reducing her carbon footprint by minimizing her waste and using alternative forms of transportation.

Emely is passionate about creating positive community impact through her work. She believes that all of us, young and old, need to understand the social and cultural constructs that influence our perception of the world, which often slow down our progress toward a more equitable and just society.  Prior to starting her fellowship at TGH, she actively volunteered at Ascension Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan. There she helped monitor the progress of each hospital units’ adoption of lean management principles to identify and solve problems in a reasonable and timely manner. As a result of her experience, she has become interested in streamlining the processes that allow for accurate, personal, and timely patient care.

In her spare time, Emely enjoys volunteering, cooking, and singing. She also enjoys outdoor recreational activities, watching good comedy, and spending time with family and friends.