Devan Dumas

Devan Dumas

Medical Programs Coordinator - Guangaje, Ecuador

Guangaje, Ecuador

Devan’s interest in global health began when she was an undergraduate student at Boston University, originally studying athletic training, and began participating in public health service trips in Central America. After the first week she spent in Honduras, she knew her course was going to change. She participated in various trips and an internship throughout Honduras and Panama while completing her Bachelors in Health Sciences, all of which influenced her to continue her studies at Boston University with a Master in Public Health.

Devan joined the Peace Corps in Peru where she served as a community health volunteer for three years in a rural mountain community. There she worked alongside the local health center and school in activities related to childhood malnutrition and anemia as well as sexual and reproductive health among adolescents. When her service was coming to an end she couldn’t bear the idea of leaving South America, which led her to Timmy.

She is excited to be joining the Ecuador team in Guangaje and spends her free time with lots of hiking, running, yoga, knitting, and good reads.