Callie Daniels-Howell

Callie Daniels-Howell

International Programs Manager

Indianapolis, IN

As the International Programs Manager, Callie is excited to continue her passion for working toward global health equity that began when she first traveled to Kenya at the age of 16.

Though born in Minnesota, Callie spent most of her life in Indianapolis before going to Kalamazoo College where she studied Anthropology, Sociology, and Community & Global Health. She recently completed her Master of Science in Global Health and Development at University College London in London, UK. Specializing in qualitative research, her studies have focused on children’s palliative and hospice care, compassion, and understanding effective program design from a social perspective.

Callie previously served as Interim Executive Director and Program Manager for the Global Interfaith Partnership, working to provide community-based support for vulnerable children in rural Western Kenya to be able to succeed in education and lift up their families and communities. She has also worked at The Julian Center in Indianapolis, in the 2015 refugee crisis in Italy and Greece, and at Sunflower Children’s Hospice in South Africa.

Having lived and worked in seven countries and traveled to many more, Callie is enamored by Google Flights, once walked 82 miles in a week exploring London, and is no longer afraid of cockroaches. Outside of work, you can find Callie attempting to live a plastic-free life, falling off her bicycle, in the woods, or pretending to be an airplane with her niece and nephews.