Spring Cleaning: Timmy Office Updates

Spring Cleaning: Timmy Office Updates
June 10, 2013 Callie Daniels-Howell

by Sarah Hollis

Sarah is Timmy’s Development & Communications Coordinator. She manages and coordinates all of the posts and stories that find their way onto Timmy’s blog. If you’ve had a recent experience working or volunteering with Timmy that you would like to share, contact her for more information at sarah@timmyglobalhealth.org.

It’s getting humid in Indianapolis, the pollen count is high, and the sweet aroma of fresh cut grass wafting in and out of open windows can only mean one thing—spring is in the air, and summer isn’t far behind. As we delve into June at the Timmy Indy office, we’re finally settling into our normal routines, glad to have the hustle and bustle of the early spring months behind us. Like many Hoosiers (and plenty of other folks across the country), Timmy underwent a lot of changes this season in our annual spring-cleaning-frenzy. And like our counterparts, we had to make some tough decisions (*to keep or not to keep?!), inevitably parting with some once cherished Timmy heirlooms and making our best efforts to organize the rest.

Spring cleaning is always bittersweet—bitter are the dust clouds, the stacks of old files, and the boxes of unclaimed electrical cords that seem to span endlessly on, tormenting any hopes of a quick clean-up. But sweet is the sense of nostalgia—the memories of a not so far off past that made us, and in this case, Timmy Global Health, who we are today.

Much like the act of spring cleaning, this blog post is, in itself, bittersweet. Over the course of the past few months we’ve said goodbye to a number of incredible Timmy staff members who are moving on to new and exciting chapters of their lives. Our former Programs Coordinator, Kathy Morris, took on a new role as a volunteer coordinator with her church in April, and our Medical Programs Coordinators August Longino, Nitin Shrivastava, and Alyson Davidson all recently transitioned out of their positions in Ecuador, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic and into the classroom—preparing for and beginning their medical school journeys.

While it was indeed bittersweet to see them leave, we are thrilled to welcome on the newest members of the Timmy Team—individuals that we know will continue to shape this organization into an even stronger catalyst for global change. Tammy Truong, a former IU Timmy and participant on the inaugural student trip to Guatemala, is now leading our medical programs in the Amazon Basin. Ashley Aue, who spent the past two years working in various capacities for our partner Pop Wuj, is now heading up Timmy’s projects in Guatemala. Melissa Vargas, former Purdue Timmy and intern in the D.R., joins the Ecuador staff as our Medical Programs Assistant, while Jose Vazquez is busy cultivating a relationship with our partner organization Banelino in the D.R. And here in Indianapolis, we are relishing the addition of our Programs Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator Katherine Horn, while anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new Programs Coordinator, Alyssa Rossodivita in mid-June.

In the Midwest, spring comes in like a lion—it’s categorized by thunderstorms, rapid fluctuations in temperature, and other unpredictable climate changes that can cover your garden in frost after it just began to bloom. But, if you’re lucky, it goes out like a lamb… In the same way that our whirlwind of staff changes clambered through the organization like a roaring lion in the early spring months, everything is finally starting to settle back into place, just in time for the rush of medical trips this summer!

Our spring-cleaning around the office is largely complete as well, and we’re utilizing some of the freed up space to display new prints of our international clinics—each of which present us with the same sense of nostalgia we felt as we cleared a place for them. Below are some photos of the newly redecorated office, and a few snapshots from our other spring-cleaning efforts. We hope they all spark some of the same memories for you as they did for us! (Many thanks to Gabrielle Cheikh Photography for taking the photos of our office!)

Spring Cleaning Find

*We decided to keep…We found this little guy in one of the cabinets during our spring cleaning session and have been playing practical jokes on each other ever since! (No idea where he came from)


Matt and Anna are hard at work in our conference room, putting our new photo-decor to good use.

Old Timmy Hat

Look familiar? We found a big box of old Timmy hats while cleaning out our storage room!

Old Patient Records

Believe it or not–this is what our patient records used to look like long before the days of our standardized charts and even longer before the days of our new EMR TimmyCare!



Another shot of the conference room and our beautiful new prints.


This beautiful wall of portraits connects our conference room to our volunteer work room and the front office.


These photos of our international clinics line the wall next to our front office space.



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