COVID-19 Social Distancing Tips

COVID-19 Social Distancing Tips
March 23, 2020 Nicole Rodriguez

Social Distancing Tips


If you’re accustomed to socializing frequently or even only a few times a week, limiting yourself to little to no contact with others may seem incredibly difficult. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, public health officials have advised to maintain a social distance of 6 feet or more to slow the spread of the virus. Officials claim if we follow the social distancing recommendations, we will “flatten the curve” and the spread of the virus becomes much more contained (The Washington Post recently published this article explaining how to “flatten the curve” and why it’s important).


So let’s say you’ve decided to follow recommendations on social distancing yourself. You’re working from home with kids or pets running around, perhaps living alone, maybe still going in to work but have no social interaction beyond that. How do you stay sane while being stuck in the same living space with the same people for a few weeks or even months at a time? Here at Timmy Global Health, we believe mental health is a critical part of healthcare. Here are a few things we suggest implementing into your social distance routine to maintain healthy mental wellness. 



  • Maintain personal care routines.  Get yourself dressed in the morning. Take regular showers. Brush your teeth.


  • Go outside. Walk your dog. Take the kids to the park. Go for a run.


  • Remain connected. Facetime your friends. Connect with old friends via facebook. Send someone a card in the mail.


Have other social distancing tips that have worked for you? Comment on this post for others to see!