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Timmy Global Health Scholarship Program

Timmy has always sought to engage student volunteers in high-impact service initiatives. Beginning in 2012, we created the Timmy Global Health Scholarship Program to ensure that all students—regardless of resources—have the opportunity to participate on our medical service trips.  Our Scholarship Program was inspired and created in loving memory of Hank Benjamin, a medical student who spent time volunteering at Pop Wuj—Timmy’s original partner organization in Guatemala. Hank embodied all of the traits of a Timmy chapter member, and it is in honor of him that we are able to support other students as they seek to serve in the field of global health.


The scholarship is designed to provide financial support to current and active Timmy chapter members who require financial assistance to participate in their chapter-sponsored medical service trips. This is a selective need-based award presented to students that show excellent potential or academic success in the area of global health. Recipients must demonstrate a level of financial need, interest in global health, a history of volunteerism, and thoughtful career plans.  Scholarship awards are generally distributed in $500, $750 or $1,000.    

How to Apply

Click here to fill out the application form for the 2019-2020 Timmy Global Health Hank Benjamin Memorial Scholarship Fund.
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To be considered, please submit the completed application by 11:59PM EST for the appropriate deadline:

Cycle 1: Nov. 1st

For all students traveling

Cycle 2: Feb. 1st

For all students traveling

Cycle 3: May 1st

For all students traveling

Questions and submissions can be directed to: