Safe Water in Runashito

Safe Water in Runashito
December 16, 2014 Callie Daniels-Howell

Safe Water in Runashito

In early December, three MedWater engineers traveled down to the Amazon Basin in Ecuador, to the community of Runashito in the Chonta Punta region. Together with the help of the Patronato (Timmy’s local government partner), Medwater, and the Community Water Council in Runashito, we successfully built a platform to hold a water chlorinator, connected two tanks for a total of 3600 Liters of water, and trained 10 community members on the proper use of the chlorine generator and distribution of clean, safe water in Runashito.

Thanks to the hard work of our safe water team and the community water council of Runashito, there are 37 households with 185 community members that will be benefiting from access to safe water! It was an amazing and engaging week for all of those involved. During the week, the safe water team also trained many community members on the use of the hand washing station called the “Tippy Tap” – a simple soap and water station. The community has made it their objective to have a Tippy Tap near every community structure, and plan to start improving their bathrooms as well through some great affordable designs provided by MedWater.

It was an inspiring week to see that each day there were more Tippy Taps, and the community really took ownership of the water purification system. The safe water team also had a special visit from members of the community Colonia de Los Rios, the first Timmy community chlorinator installation site, who helped lead an entire day of training themselves. Scroll down for some great pictures showing the construction of the chlorinator platform, trainings with the community water council, and distribution of fresh, safe water that Runashito community members can take home in their Pack H2O backpacks.

by Sean Maloney

Sean is Timmy’s Safe Water and Medical Teams Coordinator in the Amazon Basin in Ecuador. Together with our partners at MedWater, Sean has helped to lead the installation of water chlorinators at Timmy’s partner hospital Archidona as well as two rural Amazon communities.


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