Racial Inequities and Public Health Resources

Racial Inequities and Public Health Resources
June 15, 2020 Nicole Rodriguez

Throughout our history here at Timmy Global Health, we have worked to address health disparities around the globe caused by social injustice. Now, we are once again witnessing similar systematic failures in the United States. Over the last week, we have observed the marginalization, harm, and generational discrimination towards our Black communities. We cannot be silent during these moments of gut-wrenching injustice.We at Timmy acknowledge that impact is greater than intentions, and we are working to examine the impact of our model in perpetuating any racial or social inequities.  We acknowledge room for continued growth and continue to seek opportunities to lift up the voices of the communities in which we serve and remain committed to the fight for liberation and equality for Black Americans experiencing systematic oppression. We encourage our supporters to do the same and join the fight for freedom through education, involvement, and engagement in difficult conversations with those around you. To our black friends, families, staff, volunteers, and communities, we hear you, we see you, and we are here to struggle and fight with you.


Here are a few resources we are using to keep up to date and support the movement. Please take some time to scan through them and identify ways you can get involved.


General Resources:

Black Lives Matter General 

The Bail Project 

Showing Up for Racial Justice


Racial Inequities & Public Health:

Structural Racism and Health Inequities 

Racism and Health Equity 

Racism and Maternal Health

Prioritizing Equity

Advancing Racial Equity Webinar Series