New from the Field: Long-term Partnerships for Long-term Health

New from the Field: Long-term Partnerships for Long-term Health
October 15, 2019 Callie Daniels-Howell

Timmy Global Health staff, Glenda and Ben, with some of the children and their families who received care during the recent Cleft Palate brigade.

While primary care is growing more accessible through local health systems in many places where we work, specialty care remains limited, and very difficult to attain for many families living in impoverished or remote communities. This month, we partnered with Hospital Padre Carollo in Quito and Medical Missions for Children, who come to Quito twice a year to perform free surgeries on children with cleft lip / cleft palate or burns. Annually, we travel to Hospital Padre Carollo with a group of children from the whole Napo province, where our Tena and Chontapunta sites in the Amazon river basin are located. Through this long-standing partnership, some children from this region have received several free surgeries over the years. This year, Timmy assisted with assessment, coordination, and transportation for 30 children, 7 of whom received surgeries and 3 received dental care and retainers to improve the position of their teeth

A child receives evaluation for surgery with her mother.

as a result of their conditions. One 20 month old baby from Cruzchicta, a community in the Chontapunta region, was severely underfed upon arrival to the hospital and too weak to undergo surgery. Timmy will assist the baby’s family with formula, with the hope that he is able to gain weight to receive surgery next January when Medical Missions for Children will return to Quito, an example of the need for holistic support, continuous care, and partnership to achieve and sustain improved health outcomes. 

Thank you, Hospital Padre Carollo and Medical Missions for Children for your partnership!