Meet the New Timmy Fellows

Meet the New Timmy Fellows
June 30, 2014 Callie Daniels-Howell

Rohan Divecha and Emily Bissett are the new Timmy Nonprofit Management Fellows for the 2014-15 academic year. They are joining the Timmy Team in Indianapolis for the next year to assist with a number of program development and administrative projects – focusing a lot of their energies on working with our growing student chapters. Below is a Q&A that gives a quick snapshot of who these awesome people are! Read their full bios on our Staff Page.

New Timmy Fellows

Where did you grow up?

R: I grew up in the great cornfields of Indiana. Raised in Lafayette, IN, I grew up with two amazing parents and one younger brother.

E: Cary, NC (about 30 minutes outside of the capital city, Raleigh)

Where did you go to college?

R: I was fortunate to go to the old black and gold, Purdue University! Boiler Up!

E: North Carolina State University – Go Wolfpack!

How did you get involved with Timmy?

R: My friends told me about a club involved in international trips. I was interested and went to the callout. Dr.Chuck spoke at the callout and I instantly felt that Timmy was the kind of club I wanted to be a part of. Who knew that callout would end up bringing me to this fellowship!

E: As a team leader for NC State’s Alternative Service Break program during my junior year, I was fortunate enough to be placed as a leader for our new partnership with Timmy Global Health. After learning more about TGH and leading the team to Santo Domingo, Ecuador, I was hooked. This past year, I led our second trip with Timmy, this time to Tena, Ecuador, and have been working with several team members to start a Timmy Chapter at NC State.

Where have you traveled (with Timmy and beyond)?

R: Quito, Ecuador 2012!! It was an amazing experience, one that really changed my outlook on the medical field and how I want to be a part of it. Outside of Timmy I’ve been fortunate to travel to lots of other countries including Kenya, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Italy, Switzerland, and Costa Rica.

E: While studying abroad in Peru the summer after my freshman year, I fell in love with Latin American culture and the Spanish language, and was bitten by the travel bug. Since then, I have conducted research in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, and volunteered with Timmy in Ecuador.

What other student groups were you involved with on campus?

R: I was also heavily involved in Purdue science student council and was very involved in research. PSSC was a fun organization that did a variety of things for the College of Science, such as hosting the incoming college of science orientation and the research fair.

E: I was very involved in a student-run nonprofit organization at NC State called the Krispy Kreme Challenge. We partnered with the NC Children’s Hospital to support their fundraising efforts, organizing an annual race in which participants run 2.5 miles, down a dozen doughnuts, and return to the starting line. Gruesome as it sounds, our runners (and walkers) have a lot of fun supporting the Children’s Hospital! I was also involved in NC State’s Nutrition Club, intramural sports (who doesn’t love pool battleship?), and Service Raleigh, an annual service day at NC State.

What’s your favorite Timmy memory?

R: Hosting the 2014 Purdue Timmy Banquet and Silent Auction. It was a lot of work that culminated into a night filled with family, friends, and supporters of Timmy.

E: What a tough question! Even though it is hard to choose just one, I think that my favorite Timmy memory comes from my trip to Tena this past March. On our first clinic day, I had the chance to speak with one of the community leaders for a solid 30 minutes. The opportunity to hear firsthand from him the impact that Timmy brigades and programs have had on his community, as well as the dreams that he has for his people, was incredibly inspirational.

What are you most looking forward to as a Timmy fellow?

R: I’m really excited to work with Timmy college chapters and work as a liaison. I hope that I can help colleges develop programs or events. I’m also looking forward to all the events that Timmy will host here in Indianapolis!

E: I am most looking forward to learning from the Timmy staff, supporting and growing with Timmy students, and helping to develop Timmy’s existing programs for providing our patients with access to healthcare.

Of fundraising, service, and advocacy – which are you most passionate about/find most valuable and why?

R: I believe that service and advocacy are undeniably important, although to me I am most passionate about fundraising. Fundraising opens doors into new programs and trips. It helps to fund scholarships that can send students abroad and fun events are created for fundraising.

E: I naturally gravitate toward service in that my leadership style is very servant leader-oriented. However, each aspect of the Timmy triad is so incredibly interconnected. I like to think that service is a way of putting advocacy into action, and fundraising is really all about connecting others to the mission of Timmy.

If you could ask Dr. Chuck any question – what would it be?

R: If I wanted to become a professional wrestler, how would I go about starting my new career?

E: There are so many questions that I would like to ask Dr. Chuck. One thing that stands out to me is the way in which he balances his passion for global health, his patients in Indianapolis, and his personal life and other interests. Dr. Chuck, how do you find that equilibrium?

If you had 3 hours to kill – what would you do?

R: I think it depends on the time of the day. I love finding new restaurants or walking around the city. You may just find me rooting for the Pacers at one of their games. Or I may just end up taking a nap. Naps are great.

E: I love all things outdoors! With three hours to kill, I would pack a picnic lunch and go for a hike with some friends.

The last book you read was…

R: The Inferno by Dan Brown

E: I am only slightly embarrassed to admit that the last book I read was The Fault in Our Stars. I always try to read a book before seeing the movie adaptation.

What do you think you’ll be doing in 5 years?

R: Well if that professional career in wrestling works out…hopefully WWE! Otherwise I hope to be working with medical patients.

E: I like to think that plans will change, but I hope that in five years, I will have completed a Master’s degree in Public Health and be working for an international organization (maybe WHO?!) to improve global health equity.

To the Timmy student chapters, you would like to say…

R: I’m here for you guys! If you ever need any help or have any questions, please reach out to me!

E: First and foremost, thank you for all of your hard work for Timmy, our community partners, and global health equity! Y’all are awesome. I cannot wait to get to know you all better and support you any way I can throughout the next year.

What’s your spirit animal? And write a haiku about yourself! (Read the rest from the Timmy Team here…)

R: Spirit Animal: Capuchin – Playful but a little bit mischievous

“I am an adventurer
I like to watch HGTV
Coffee enthusiast”

E: Spirit animal: Elephant – The clumsy, but empathetic and social

“NC born and bred
Stoked for Timmy and Indy
Get your sweet tea y’all!”


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