Meet Senora. Pascuala Toaquiza Vega

Meet Senora. Pascuala Toaquiza Vega
December 6, 2017 Callie Daniels-Howell

By Josué Alcantara, Timmy Medical Program’s Coordinator: Guangaje, Ecuador

Señora Pascuala lives in Guangaje, Ecuador. She is 70 years old and first sought care with Timmy Global Health during a January 2017 medical service trip.

For over five years Señora Pascuala had lived with an abnormal mass on the sole of her right foot. The mass was very painful and made it difficult for her to walk, work and care for her family. 

As part of the Timmy referral program, Señora Pascuala was taken to a dermatologist and was diagnosed with cancer of the sweat gland. The tumor needed to be removed before it had the opportunity to spread. 

Timmy’s Ecuador staff searched for the surgery needed to treat her cancer, but they encountered a shortage of specialists as well as only very limited charity care offered through the local health system. Timmy provided ongoing follow-up care in the months that followed, but no one could find a local surgeon to remove her tumor. 

Then good fortune shined on Señora Pascuala: Timmy Global Health began a new partnership with Healing Hands Abroad (HHA), a not-for-profit organization from the US that provides surgical care to high-need communities around the world.

In May 2017, Timmy Global Health hosted a Healing Hands Abroad surgical service trip in Guangaje. The surgical team successfully removed the cancerous tumor from the sole of Señora Pascuala’s right foot. Timmy then continued to follow-up in collaboration with the local government health center staff of Guangaje, changing her bandages every other day, and bringing doctors to see her at her home. 

By August 2017 her foot was completely healed. Thanks to her diagnosis and treatment, she can continue to shepherd and take care of her harvest without needing assistance and without pain.

Thanks to you, Señora Pascuala is healthy and happy. On her behalf, and on behalf of the thousands of patients we have served over the past 20 years, thank you.

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