The Judy Pinsker Memorial Fund


“Dr. Judy was a kind and gentle physician who made the world a better place: by a kind smile, a gentle touch, a healthier patient. She is deeply missed by those who had the privilege to know her and work with her.”


-Becky Lomax-Sumner, Special Projects, Timmy Global Health  


In Memoriam: Dr. Judy Pinsker

Dr. Judy Pinsker was a mother, wife, friend, physician, mentor and advocate for access to health care. She relished spending time with her family and friends, being active outdoors, playing the flute, gardening, and baking. She was also a beloved volunteer doctor and Medical Advisory Committee member for Timmy Global Health.

Dr. Pinsker passed away on Dec. 23rd, 2018, following a hiking accident. Her loss is mourned by her family, her home community of Wellesley, Massachusetts, her many friends from near and far, as well as her patients and colleagues at Tufts Medical Center, and across the Timmy Global Health International network.


Dr. Pinsker embodied the very best of Timmy Global Health, exemplifying the ideals and aspirations at the heart of our work. She was a passionate advocate for the needs of the underserved, she treated all those she met with respect and dignity. A highly skilled and deeply caring doctor, she shared her expertise in many ways, including volunteering both as a physician and as a clinical advisor for Timmy Global Health. She excelled as a mentor and served as an inspiration — to her colleagues, her friends, her family and to all of us at Timmy.

In her memory, Dr. Pinsker’s friends, family and colleagues made donations to Timmy Global Health. These gifts were used to create the Judy Pinsker Memorial Fund, to support volunteer medical professionals’ participation in Timmy medical service trips, and to honor her legacy of service and dedication to all those who were lucky enough to meet her.

The world will not be the same without Dr. Pinsker, but it is better because of all that she did. And as we continue to miss her and remember her, we will seek to follow her example of a life well lived.


“Dr. Judy will always be remembered for her positive attitude, generosity, and dedication to patients and students alike. We at Timmy Global Health are deeply grateful for all she has done for our patients and for the light she cast on the world. We will miss her dearly.”

Lily Bodinson

Medical Programs Coordinator, Guatemala

Timmy Global Health



The Impact of your Giving

The Judy Pinsker Memorial Fund supports medical professionals’ participation in Timmy Global Health (TGH) medical service trips. Medical professionals play a vital role in serving Timmy Global Health patients, and it offers them a special opportunity to engage in global service.





“One of my favorite things about volunteering with Timmy Global Health is meeting fellow volunteer providers that bring fresh energy and ideas to the organization.  We were fortunate to have Dr. Judy Pinsker share her valuable time and expertise with our group. Her dedication and enthusiasm will be deeply missed.”

Brett Hesse, MD

Co-Medical Director

Timmy Global Health