Medical Professionals

“I choose to volunteer with Timmy Global Health because we are invited by local communities, enjoy vibrant partnerships with local physicians and nonprofits, provide continuity of care, and have an extensive referral system. All of this coupled with Timmy’s family atmosphere and commitment to service make Timmy Global Health uniquely successful. This is why I continue to volunteer on Timmy trips.”

– Dr. Brett Hesse, MD, Co-Medical Director of Timmy’s Medical Advisory Committee, Volunteer since 2010. 

The Timmy Model

Timmy’s primary care medical trips help provide yearround health access to our adopted communities. Our teams return to partner sites every 23 months, maintain detailed records, and ensure patients have access to the quality care they need and deserve. 

These shortterm efforts are vital to our longterm continuity. Paired with strong, local health partnerships, our medical teams help fulfill the promise we have made to our communities. Even after our medical teams have gone home, patients have access to important medicines, have contact with a community health worker, receive subsidized surgeries and hospital care, and feel secure in the fact that they can reach a doctor in the event of an emergency.


Our Medical Service Trips

We invite you to join us on a 7-10 day medical service trip with passionate volunteers in one of our 9 sites in Ecuador, Guatemala, or the Dominican Republic. Each trip not only offers the opportunity to bring vital, life-changing care to those who need it most but also the opportunity to explore a new country and culture: canoe down the Amazon, whitewater raft in the jungle, hike down a volcano to a crater lake, shop in an artisan market, and taste the local cuisine.

Our student volunteers are the next generation of global health leaders. And the hands-on experience they gain on our medical trips play a transformative role in their career paths and stick with them throughout their lives. 


Our Global Impact

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Interested in Joining a Medical Service Team?

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As a doctor…

You will consult with up to 25 patients per day treating a variety of illnesses. You will work with both a student or general volunteer as a scribe, along with a translator. 

As a nurse…

You will work directly with patients primarily in vitals, labs, and triage stations of the clinic. You will work alongside students, general volunteers, and translators. 

As a pharmacist…

You will be running the pharmacy station of the clinic. You will have a team of 4-6 students assisting you in filling prescriptions. You will review medicines, dosages and provide patient instructions. 

Typical Day on a Timmy Trip: 

7:00 am: Breakfast 
7:30 am: Travel to clinic 
8:30 am: Set up clinic 
9:00 am: Patient registration begins (we typically see 100 patients per day) 
12:00 pm: Lunch on a rolling basis as clinic continues 
4:00 pm: Finish clinic and pack up 
5:30 pm: Return to lodging & prepare supplies/medicines for next day
7:00 pm: Dinner out & cultural activity 
9:00 pm: Return to lodging for the night 

Upcoming Service Trips

Positions available
Butler University Xela, Guatemala May 19-27, 2018 (1) Pharmacist
University of Colorado-Boulder Quito, Ecuador May 19-27, 2018 (1) MD, DO, PA, or NP
Washington University in St. Louis Monti Cristi, Dominican Republic May 19-27, 2018 (1-2) RNs; (2) Pharmacists
Bellarmine University/University of Southern Indiana Mao, Dominican Republic May 26-June 3, 2018 (3-4) MDs, DOs, PAs, or NPs; (1-2) RNs; (1) Pharmacist
Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine Santo Domingo, Ecuador June 2-10, 2018 (2-3) MDs, DOs, PAs, or NPs; (1-2) RNs; (1) Pharmacist
University of Louisville School of Medicine Tena, Ecuador June 3-16, 2018 (2-week trip) (4-6) MDs, DOs, PAs, or NPs; (1-2) RNs
East Tennessee State University Guangaje, Ecuador June 15-24, 2018 (1) RN (1) Pharmacist
Vanderbilt University/ University of North Carolina Quito, Ecuador August 4-12, 2018 (4-6) MDs, DOs, PAs, or NPs; (1-2) RNs; (1-2) Pharmacists
Wayne State University/University of Pittsburgh Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic August 4-12, 2018 (4-6) MDs, DOs, PAs, or NPs; (1-2) RNs; (1-2) Pharmacists
Boston College Xela, Guatemala August 11-19, 2018 (1-2) RNs; (1) Pharmacist
University of Michigan Mao, Dominican Republic August 18-26, 2018 (4-6) MDs, DOs, PAs, or NPs; (1-2) RNs; (1-2) Pharmacists
Butler University, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Guangaje & Santo Domingo, Ecuador October 5-20, 2018 (2-week trip) (4-6) MDs, DOs, PAs, or NPs; (1-2) RNs; (1-2) Pharmacists
University of Notre Dame Quito, Ecuador October 13-21, 2018 (4-5) MDs, DOs, PAs, or NPs; (1-2) RNs; (1-2) Pharmacists
Young (& Young at Heart) Professionals Xela, Guatemala October 13-21, 2018 (3-4) MDs, DOs, PAs, or NPs; (1-2) RNs; (1-2) Pharmacists

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Ready To Go?

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