A Light of Hope for Luz

A Light of Hope for Luz
June 14, 2012 Callie Daniels-Howell

By Sarah Hollis

Just a few short weeks ago Luz, a young mother of from Loja, Ecuador, took advantage of one of her first opportunities to see a doctor—a decision that will undoubtedly save her life.

Like many Ecuadorian women from the Amazon Basin, Luz and her husband do not have a steady income, leaving their children with limited access to food and shelter, let alone healthcare. In mid-May, however, when Luz grew increasingly concerned about some abnormal vaginal bleeding, she had a chance to visit one of Timmy’s medical brigade clinics in nearby Tena, and she took it.

The doctors found that the abnormal bleeding and subsequent anemia were the result of several large myomas, muscular tumors covering her uterus. Although the clinic was not equipped to treat Luz in Tena, Timmy’s established referral and partnership program with other nearby medical providers gave Luz the opportunity to receive treatment form our partner in Archidona. After a large blood transfusion and a day’s rest, Luz finally began to show signs of a stabilizing condition and she was released.

A few weeks, though, her bleeding returned and was more severe than ever, forcing her to seek emergency hospitalization—something she knew she could never afford on her own. After several days of painful tests and travel—to and from, back and forth—to more than four medical clinics and hospitals that were either full or refused to take her, Luz was finally admitted at Metropolitano, a highly capable, but expensive private hospital in Quito.

Today, Luz is receiving the care that she needs and deserves. But this service comes at a high price for Timmy. Three days of emergency hospitalization and blood transfusions accrued costs of over $2,100. And that’s not all. In order to remedy the constant bleeding and prevent uterine cancer, Luz needs a hysterectomy.

Timmy Global Health exists to serve people like Luz, who fall through the cracks in the public health care system and have no other options. Timmy’s role is to support Luz, and others like her; to ensure that they receive the fundamental healthcare services they deserve so they can go back to work, support their children and their families, and live healthy and happy lives.

But Timmy can’t do it alone. Luz is just one of the many patients from the Amazon Basin referred to Archidona or sent to Quito to receive more advanced, specialized care. Today we share Luz’s story, but every day, every minute, someone else is in need of the same opportunity for basic medical care. Timmy’s incredible network of donors and volunteers works around the clock to ensure that people like Luz receive that support, but emergency care is expensive and unpredictable.

Today we ask that you share Luz’s story with a friend or a co-worker, a parent or a child. It is the spirit of advocacy and the power of conversation that helps to establish continued support for organizations like Timmy, allowing us to serve patients like Luz.

To share Luz’s story, click here and subscribe to Timmy’s newsletter. If you feel compelled to help Timmy help Luz, click here to donate now. Your contributions will support the cost of Luz’s hysterectomy and will continue to provide emergency care options to Timmy’s patients around the world.



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