Lilly Helps Timmy Serve Vulnerable Populations

Lilly Helps Timmy Serve Vulnerable Populations
May 16, 2014 Callie Daniels-Howell

Lilly Grant Announcement

In early May 2014, the Lilly Foundation granted Indianapolis-based organization Timmy Global Health (TGH) $50,000 to improve health service provision for vulnerable populations in Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria, El Salvador and Guatemala. This funding will be an invaluable asset to TGH as the organization continues to enhance health access for marginalized patients, families, and communities in 2014 and beyond.

Funding from the Lilly Foundation will support five specific TGH program elements designed to strengthen local health systems in the developing world and improve health outcomes for vulnerable patients. These program elements include:

Strong Local NGO and Government Partners: Funding will assist TGH in identifying and cultivating relationships with new local government and NGO partners to support existing health programming in the developing world. Learn more about Timmy’s international partners…

Robust Patient Referral Systems: Funding will help TGH strengthen its network of international referral partners to ensure that low-income, marginalized patients with complex medical conditions receive the complete healthcare services they need. Learn more about the power of Timmy’s patient referral program…

Trained Community Health Workers: Funding will support the preliminary training and ongoing education of new community health workers who help improve patient follow-up and strengthen health literacy in TGH communities. Learn more about Timmy’s community health workers…

Deployment of TGH’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) TimmyCare: Funding will ensure that TGH deploys TimmyCare, its proprietary EMR, to each of its international sites and international partners by the end of 2014. Learn more about TimmyCare…

The Presence of a Full-Time Local Physician: Funding will help TGH bring on a full-time, local physician to support ongoing patient outreach in programmatic sites that do not currently benefit from the direction a full-time physician.

Support from the Lilly Foundation will strengthen TGH service provision and enhance the organization’s ability to provide underserved patients with access to the critical healthcare services they need to thrive. In an average year, TGH treats nearly 14,000 patients, approximately 1,000 of which are referred to local partner hospitals via its patient referral system. While numbers vary from year to year, TGH treated 13,896 patients and referred 1,023 patients for follow up care, surgeries, and treatment of complex conditions in the last year alone. Of these patients, almost all have previously sought treatment from local healthcare systems without success. It is the combined efforts of ongoing TGH programs that ensure that each patient has the best possible chance to get the care they need—and those chances are strengthened by the generous support of the Lilly Foundation.

For more information, please contact Sarah Hollis, Development and Communication Manager at Timmy Global Health.



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