Las Canas – Dominican Republic



In this north central region of the Dominican Republic, we focus our efforts on health programs for residents living in the bateys—which are traditionally rural, barracks style communities of transient workers. In the bateys, poor Dominican families and Haitian migrants have limited to no access to public services such as healthcare, education, safe drinking water, or transportation. Distinct disparities exist between these communities and the nearby tourist destination of Puerto Plata.



Dr. David Addison, Founder of 7 Elements (7E), first traveled to the Dominican Republic to complete his PhD in Sustainability. After observing the adverse conditions hindering a rise from poverty, he created a program model to utilize the seven elements of human security to provide holistic development opportunities and increase the quality of life. This approach focuses on improving access to environmental, economic, food, health, individual, community, and political security to systematically fight regional disparities.

Our Outreach

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Starting in 2018, the Timmy Global Health – 7 Elements partnership in Las Canas, Dominican Republic will evolve to focus on the most pressing local needs. Timmy and 7E will continue to partner on global health and development education for high school students, with Timmy high school chapters doing their annual trip at 7E. 
Timmy’s medical service trips offering primary care in Las Canas, however, are currently being phased out. These communities previously served through Timmy clinics now have access to primary care through the local health system — a goal for all the places where Timmy works. 7E remains closely connected community leadership and will ensure that care needs of all patients, especially those with chronic illness, are met. 
Timmy and 7E are currently exploring ways to bring specialty care services to Las Canas, now that primary care is no longer an urgent need. Timmy chapters that did medical service trips to Las Canas are being matched to other locations where Timmy offers primary care, including new communities in Santo Domingo, Ecuador, and additional trips that will be made to existing Timmy sites.
Timmy and 7E look forward to continuing their relationship as it adapts to changing community needs in the Dominican Republic.




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