Get Involved

Get Involved

Each year, Timmy touches thousands of lives around the world. But it would not be possible without the time, energy, and enthusiasm put forth by our student leaders, medical professionals, and volunteers. We all have a role to play in fighting health disparities.
Join the movement and get involved today.


“Some feel accomplished with grand things, but the small things that we are able to do for our patients… What’s more satisfying? What can make you happier? It’s like starting to touch the sky—with your hands.”

– Dr. Miguel Garcia Tatis, Local Physician for Banelino, Dominican Republic

From Local to Global

By serving, fundraising, and advocating,
Timmy’s student chapters play an essential role
in combatting global health disparities
down the block and around the world.

On the Ground 365

Our dedicated medical professional
volunteers help us provide year-round
continuity of care to the communities we
support abroad.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities at our Indianapolis headquarters.