Donate to Timmy's Year End Campaign

End of Year Campaign

“Healthcare is only a part of what Timmy does in the communities they serve in. They offer hope to people that need it, they build sustainable relationships, and they have a dedicated staff working to improve health outcomes. That is why I donate.”

– Timmy Global Health supporter

Our Goal

We are on a mission to raise $500,000 in the months of November and December 2017 to help serve 25, 000 patients in 2018!

Donations can be made directly to Timmy Global Health or through our matching opportunity with Focusing Philanthropy!

Give Directly to Timmy


Gifts of less than $1,000 can be made directly to Timmy Global Health:

Focusing Philanthropy Matching Opportunity

Focusing Philanthropy identifies, evaluates, and promotes giving opportunities that improve life-trajectory of people living with great unmet needs here and around the world. Through a rigorous diligence and monitoring process, they select and partner with non-profits that consistently deliver demonstrable improvements, in health, education, and economic circumstances.
Timmy has been proud to partner with Focusing Philanthropy since 2013. They have worked with Timmy both in fundraising and in programming, going on multiple Timmy trips to see our work first-hand. We are thankful for their support–and yours!

Give with a Match


Timmy is partnering with Focusing Philanthropy with a unique matching opportunity for all gifts of $1,000 or more:
  • A full match on donations of $1,000 or more for donors who did not make a gift last year
  • A half match on donations of $1,000 or more for donors who gave last year
  • A special match for donors who gave more than $1,000 last year and increase their donation: a full match on the increased portion of a donation and half match on the repeated portion.
*Makes checks payable to Focusing Philanthropy, 1637 16th St. Santa Monica CA, 90404. All major credit cards accepted.  Donations are fully tax deductible to U.S. taxpayers and 100% of the funds donated will go to Timmy Global Health. All Focusing Philanthropy costs are covered by its founders. For questions about the campaign, please contact Zach Bowman at 

Faces of Timmy

Timmy Global Health serves in 10 sites in 4 different countries. We have seen thousands of patients, worked with even more students and medical professionals and been helped by our partners in countless ways. There are so many hands that go into serving a patient, and we are thankful for each and every one of them.