2018 End-of-Year Campaign

End of Year Campaign

“Compassion and solidarity are two major themes when you call yourself a healer. The best way to be a compassionate person is to take a moment to dignify another’s suffering.  That process pushes you to be a stronger and better person in the end because you feel closer to people.”

– Dr. Paul Park, Timmy volunteer and supporter

Giving is Healing

when you donate to Timmy Global Health.

The world is a better place when we care for each other.

Your support helps combat global health disparities and brings hope and healing to at-risk patients around the world.

Give Directly to Timmy


Gifts of less than $1,000 can be made directly to Timmy Global Health:

Focusing Philanthropy Matching Opportunity

Give with a Match


Timmy is partnering with Focusing Philanthropy with a unique matching opportunity for all gifts of $1,000 or more. 


GIVE WITH A MATCHED GIFT by donating here, and selecting Timmy Global Health as your chosen charity. (Note: 100% of your donation and 100% of the matched funds will be passed directly to Timmy. Focusing Philanthropy covers all of its administrative costs independently.)

If your employer will match your gift via Focusing Philanthropy, that donation is also eligible for an additional Focusing Philanthropy match to Timmy Global Health.
Focusing Philanthropy identifies, evaluates, and promotes giving opportunities that improve life-trajectory of people living with great unmet needs here and around the world. Through a rigorous diligence and monitoring process, they select and partner with non-profits that consistently deliver demonstrable improvements, in health, education, and economic circumstances.
Timmy has been proud to partner with Focusing Philanthropy since 2013. They have worked with Timmy both in fundraising and in programming, going on multiple Timmy trips to see our work first-hand. We are thankful for their support–and yours!

“Not all of us were born to be doctors and nurses, but we were all born to be healers.”

– Dr. Chuck Dietzen, Founder of Timmy Global Health