Covid-19: Defeating Boredom

Covid-19: Defeating Boredom
April 16, 2020 Nicole Rodriguez

It’s been weeks since states first issued stay-at-home orders that changed the “normal” many of us were accustomed to. The postponement of concerts, closing of nonessential businesses and the cancellation of other events have left many of us with more free time then we know what to do with.


As the pandemic sweeps across the US many measures have been introduced to grapple with COVID-19. Social distancing, quarantine and travel restrictions have all been implemented in an attempt to flatten the curve. Our daily routines have been reduced to working from home, grocery store runs and door dash deliveries.


However, being stuck inside doesn’t have to be mundane. Here are some activities to help keep boredom at bay:


Learn a new skill. With the majority of our time now being spent at home, the internet has proven to be an advantage to those looking to polish or add to their skill set. Learn how to use new technologies and apps. Teach yourself to play an instrument, paint or start a podcast.


Here are some we suggest:

Learn a new language with Duolingo.

Plant a garden.

Learn how to paint with virtual paint nights with Yaymaker.

Learn how to make Kombucha.


Declutter. Rather we get to enjoy it or not, spring is here and it is time to pack away the sweaters, jackets and winter boots. Self-quarantine and spring cleaning present the opportunity to deep clean bedrooms, bathrooms, attics, and gutters.


Check out these tips from Marie Kondo!


Have family fun nights. Family time is so important and now that our lives aren’t so busy we have time to spend with the people who matter most. Backyard camping, dance parties, bike rides, and nature walks are all good ideas if you’re looking to strengthen connections with those who you share a home with. Tic-toks are also trending! Have at it!


Volunteer. The COVID crisis has created the need for virtual volunteerism. Online tutors, fitness instructors, and fundraisers are needed now more than ever. Look for opportunities within your community to help out as everyone is feeling the effects of this global pandemic. 


Use this site to find volunteer opportunities in your area.