Exciting Collaborations for Sustainability

Exciting Collaborations for Sustainability
May 10, 2019 Callie Daniels-Howell

Timmy is excited to continue expanding collaborative relationships with ministries of health and local health services in many of our international sites, a successful step as we pursue increased sustainability in our work and in our communities’ access to quality care. In many of our sites, the ministries of health have strengthened and expanded their provision of free healthcare through community health workers, new health centers and hospitals, and increased public health services. However, community members and local health services can still face barriers to accessing and providing this care, such as high volume of patients in urban centers, distance to remote regions, and difficulty building trust across language and cultural barriers among indigenous populations.


Our collaborations with the ministries of health seek to address these barriers so that community members have access to sustainable, quality care through locally available services:

  • In Santo Domingo, Ecuador, a large city, the local health center staff have started participated in Timmy mobile clinics, building community confidence in the government health system and expanding their ability to provide community-level public health education, vaccinations, and follow up care for chronic conditions.
  • In Guangaje, Ecuador, a rural, mountainous region, we assist government community health workers with transportation to provide follow up care to vulnerable community members and refer patients directly to the local health center.
  • In the Napo region of Ecuador, part of the Amazon river basin, we’ve collaborated with the ministry of health to provide follow up and referrals from mobile clinics, coordinate care for patients with chronic conditions, distribute vaccinations to remote communities, and share community-level data to work together to meet the needs of the most vulnerable populations.


We are energized by the new beginnings and growth in these relationships and the sustainable, lasting change we can create together.