Becoming Focusing Philanthropy’s 16th Showcased Recipient

Becoming Focusing Philanthropy’s 16th Showcased Recipient
October 1, 2013 Callie Daniels-Howell

Timmy Global Health joins nationally known organizations like Charity: Water and One Acre Fund on an exclusive nonprofit platform that significantly increases visibility to high-impact donors. Learn more on Focusing Philanthropy’s website at

Focusing PhilathropyFollowing an intensive due-diligence process, Focusing Philanthropy recently announced that Indianapolis-based non-profit Timmy Global Health has been selected as just the 16th organization to be included on their highly selective roster of showcased recipient organizations.

Focusing Philanthropy identifies, evaluates, and presents to a network of donors high-impact nonprofits that achieve sustainable improvements in the quality of life for individuals and develop vital resources in the poorest communities. Their intensive due-diligence and ongoing monitoring of all showcased nonprofits provides donors with the confidence that their contributions are achieving significant results.

“After many months of detailed scrutiny, including a site visit to Timmy’s in-country partner in Guatemala, and the observation of services being delivered at a remote short-term medical clinic, we are thrilled to add Timmy Global Health to our roster of high-impact giving opportunities,” announced Elliott Gilson, President of Focusing Philanthropy.

Timmy Global Health expands access to healthcare and empowers the next generation of healthcare professionals to fight heath disparities. Working with medical volunteers and students from more than 45 universities and high schools across the US, Timmy sends medical service teams to support the work of international partner organizations, and channels financial, medical, and human resources to community based health projects in Ecuador, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Nigeria. Timmy also supports local nonprofit clinics and healthcare providers with in-kind donations of medical supplies and medicines from its Indianapolis-based medical supply warehouse.

“What most impressed us about Timmy is their commitment to quality care and to continuity of care,” said Gilson. “This commitment involves substantial collaboration with and capacity building of local resources, increasing use of innovative technology, and rigorous data collection and program analysis.”

Through its work, Timmy Global Health transforms the lives of thousands of patients every year. In 2012-2013 alone, Timmy treated 13,900 patients in its medical clinics, financed hundreds of surgeries, donated 4 million dollars of medicines and medical supplies to international and local partners, and engaged more than 600 students and volunteers through its global health programming. Finding ways to increase the visibility of Timmy’s work is a critical part of Timmy’s ability to maintain its healthcare programs around the world.

“Our new partnership with Focusing Philanthropy will expose thousands of new donors to Timmy’s efforts to promote health equity around the world,” said Matt MacGregor, Executive Director of Timmy Global Health. “I’m thrilled to join a list of some of the most well respected US non-profits. And I know that Focusing Philanthropy’s support will help even more Timmy patients, families, and communities get access to the quality healthcare services they need to thrive.”

Focusing Philanthropy is itself a non-profit. One hundred percent of all funds donated through Focusing Philanthropy go to the showcased recipient organizations.

For more information about Focusing Philanthropy and how to support the tremendous work of Timmy Global Health, please visit



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