Timmy Alumni Chapter


The Timmy Alumni Chapter includes former chapter members, trip participants, medical professionals, general volunteers, and other stakeholders.


Timmy Global Health’s Alumni Chapter engages members in advancing the organization’s mission while enhancing their career and leadership development.

Interested in joining the Timmy Alumni Chapter?

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Timmy Alumni Chapter members will serve as agents of change for health equity and work to fulfill the promise of healthy futures for all people:

Alumni Chapter members engage in shaping the direction of the organization by lending their voice and insights. With opportunities to be involved in conferences, special events, programming initiatives, and Timmy chapters, members invest time and resources to positively impact Timmy’s work.

Members advance Timmy’s work through advocacy: championing the mission of the organization in their personal spheres of influence. Members can mentor students by sharing knowledge and sparking students’ interest in global health to develop the next generation of global health leaders. Serving both locally and internationally, members are given opportunities to help transform the lives of those whom Timmy serves.

Members enhance their career and leadership development through networking, mentorship, and service. Members can build relationships with, and learn from, leaders in the broader global health community. By investing time in committees or serving on the Alumni Advisory Committee, members will cultivate leadership skills. Through greater exposure to leadership and educational experiences in the field of global health, members grow both personally and professionally–living and feeling closer to humanity along the way.


How does the Timmy Alumni Chapter differ from my high school or college Timmy chapter?

The Timmy Alumni Chapter is for all Timmy college and high school chapter graduates, former volunteers, and past staff.

What are the benefits to joining the Timmy Alumni Chapter?

  • Stay informed about Timmy news and recent initiatives
  • Network with fellow Timmy Alumni
  • Build relationships with and learn from global health leaders
  • Grow personally and professionally
  • Develop the next generation of global health leaders
  • Have a voice in the direction of the organization
  • Participate in transforming the lives of those whom Timmy serves

How do I make a donation to Timmy?

You can make a donation to the Timmy by clicking here. Be sure to specify in the “comments” section that you are donating as a member of the Timmy Alumni chapter.

How do I change my current mailing address or other contact information?

You can update your information by contacting us in the office by phone, by e-mail, or in person:

Timmy Global Health

22 E 22nd Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: (317)-920-1822

Email: alumni@timmyglobalhealth.org

How can I get more involved with the Alumni Chapter?

We have both service and leadership opportunities availble to members.

For more information on these opportunities, please email alumni@timmyglobalhealth.org.

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Volunteer in the Timmy Office

Like any small non-profit, we always need a helping hand around the office. Whether it’s helping to thank donors, serving as receptionist, or tidying up our green space, we sincerely appreciate the help!

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Volunteer Internationally

In addition to students and medical volunteers, we also have opportunities for other community members to serve on our international trips. Please contact us for details on upcoming service trips.

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Volunteer in the Dispensary

We welcome volunteers that can make a 6 to 12 month commitment to help in our dispensary. These volunteers help inventory medicines, organize supplies, and prepare bags for our medical service trips.

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Volunteer or Host an Event

Timmy plans and participates in many fundraising and outreach events throughout the year. We’re always looking for hosts and high-energy volunteers to support our ongoing fundraising efforts.

Alumni Advisory Committee

Dr. Chuck Dietzen 
Founder and President
Timmy Global Health


Ali Campbell 
Committee Member
Timmy Alumnus


Zach Bowman
Staff Liaison
Timmy Global Health


Lucy Knowles
Staff Liaison
Timmy Global Health

Puneet Anantharam
Recruitment Coordinator
Purdue Timmy Alumnus

Please email alumni@timmyglobalhealth.org if you are interested in serving on the Alumni Advisory Committee or to nominate someone else to serve.