A Safe Water Solution for Timmy’s Partner Hospital

A Safe Water Solution for Timmy’s Partner Hospital
April 1, 2014 Callie Daniels-Howell

In mid-February, Timmy launched our new Safe Water Solution with collaborating partner MedWater in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador. A team of three MedWater professionals joined Timmy’s Safe Water Coordinator Sean Maloney, and Interim Executive Director Charla Cain, to install a chlorination system at one of our referral partner sites, Stadler Richter Hospital, in the town of Archidona. Click here to read more about our developing Safe Water Solution. And stay tuned over the next few months for more updates from our first Safe Water Solution Team, which will be traveling to Ecuador in May 2014.

Many of the products for the chlorinator installation were purchased from local hardware stores in Ecuador.

Sean Maloney, Timmy’s Safe Water Coordinator and Charla Cain (Right) Timmy’s Interim Executive Director, pose with Leonardo, the Stadler Richter Hospital maintenance manager, after training.

Leonardo, the Stadler Richter Hospital maintenance manager, was trained in the function and use of the special chlorination system over the course of 4 days. (Shown here with Aaron Kicklighter from MedWater)

Here’s the MedWater team working the training crew to review the chlorinator equipment and installation process. Water testing was an integral component to Leonardo’s training.

Water testing and problem solving were integral components to Leonardo’s training.

Concurrent with his training, Leonardo oversaw his staff’s construction of a concrete shelf and decorative painting to house the new water tanks and system. Here’s a quick photo of the water chlorination site before construction began at Stadler Richter.

Leonardo and his maintenance team worked very hard to construct the perfect place for the safe water chlorinator installation.

Here’s a shot of the Safe Water chlortinators post-installation!

The regional bishop oversaw a special ribbon cutting dedication ceremony attended by the training team and leaders of the hospital.

The regional bishop cuts the ribbon on the new safe water chlorinator!

The regional bishop poses with the Timmy, MedWater, and Stadler Richter Hospital team in front of the new chlorinator.

After the chlorinator was installed, it was time to test out the new safe water for ourselves!

Water stations were placed throughout the hospital for patients and families to use.

This installation trip was also an opportunity for Timmy and MedWater to visit five pre-screened Timmy communities to further develop new Safe Water Solutions.

They toured the community and further assessed current water/sanitation practices and physical structures in place, often hiking through beautiful rugged terrain to the origination.

The team dialogued with community stakeholders about their perceptions on water and health and their perceived water needs.

And they further refined safe water solution options for the specific community needs as recommended by the MedWater water specialist/engineer.


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