A Commitment to Continuity

A Commitment to Continuity
December 19, 2018 Callie Daniels-Howell

Foni is a loving mother, wife, friend, and Timmy patient since 2013.

After meeting Foni at a clinic in the Dominican Republic, Timmy’s referral system was able to connect her to specialty surgery to remove a severe abdominal tumor, allowing her to safely give birth to her second child. Foni’s health challenges, unfortunately, did not end there. But neither did Timmy’s continuity of care.

Foni and her family


In 2016, Foni’s tumor grew back, and she again started experiencing severe pain. After being triaged by volunteer medical professionals at a Timmy clinic and with the help of Dr. Garcia, one of our Dominican partners, Foni was able to see another a specialist, despite the many barriers she faced accessing care as a Haitian migrant. Again, with Timmy’s coordination and financing assistance, Foni’s tumor was successfully removed.

Dr. Garcia

In 2017, after her requests to travel for urgent medical care were repeatedly denied (a vexing barrier to care for Haitian migrants living in the Dominican Republic), Dr. Garcia and Timmy joined forces to get Foni to the surgery center.



Thanks to continued dedication from Dr. Garcia and Timmy, as well as donated specialty materials from medical professionals in the United States, Foni had another surgery in 2017.
In the Dominican Republic, many of our patients are economic migrants from Haiti, who are totally unable to access local health systems with documentation.


At Timmy, we are committed to doing whatever is necessary to ensure all people, regardless of where they live or the circumstances they face, have access to the healthcare they need.

Thank you for creating a community of giving with your support of Timmy Global Health.