10 Years of Clean Water

10 Years of Clean Water
March 20, 2018 Callie Daniels-Howell

You Can Make an Impact

Since 2013, Timmy Global Health has been working to stop waterborne illness at the source by bringing clean water solutions to Amazon Basin.

We started by installing communal water tanks in five communities. Now we are working to bring safe water to every household.

A household filter provides clean water for ten years.

In celebration of World Water Day, we are partnering with the Waterbearers to equip & maintain 24 homes with household water filters. We need $3,000 to hit our goal.

Please support this cause, and join us in laying the groundwork for healthier communities.

This campaign will end on March 22nd. Please consider making a donation today!

In February, Timmy sent a team of experts to install 11 household water filters in the community of Centro Palmeras–one of the hardest to reach communities in the region. Our goal is to install 24 more filters to provide every home in the community with a clean water solution for the next 10 years.

Timmy Global Health is partnering with The WaterBearers to raise $3,000 to give families safe, clean access to water.

You can make a donation or learn more about the project, visit the website link here. 

Your support will make an impact. Thank you.